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Where Our Water Comes From

Post Date:02/02/2018 9:30 AM

We’re Connected: Where Our Water Comes From

Did you know.... Most of the water SSWD serves to homes and businesses is groundwater?

The Sacramento region is blessed with abundant water resources. Most visible are the Folsom Reservoir and the Sacramento and American rivers. Our community also has a productive and sustainable groundwater aquifer.

The District has 73 active wells and pumping stations that draw groundwater and deliver it to our customers. During drought years, 100 percent of our water is pumped from underground sources. During rainy or normal water years, that amount is reduced to about 65 percent as the District utilizes surface water supplies through agreements with Placer County Water Agency for water from Folsom Reservoir and with the City of Sacramento for water from the American River.

This method of managing our water supplies—called conjunctive use—leaves more water in our rivers for fish and wildlife during dry years and allows the groundwater aquifer to recharge during wet years. The result is a diverse, stable and sustainable supply for our customers now and for generations to come.

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