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Mulch Mayhem Coming May 4th

Post Date:04/23/2019 8:00 AM

Mulch Mayhem coming to SSWD on May 4th!

We will be providing complimentary mulch to our customer on May 4th from 9am - noon or until the mulch is all gone.

You can pick-up your mulch (One Yard Per Vehicle) at 7800 Antelope North Road, Antelope, CA 95843.

Bring a shovel, a container and a means to haul it away.  First-come, first-served, while supplies last.

Mulch helps to moderate soil temperate and reduce evaporation. Spread the mulch like a donut around your trees and shrubs, keeping it four inches away from the base of the plant, layering it six inches deep and spreading it in a three to four foot diameter around your tree and shrubs.  

For questions, please email


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