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General Manager's Corner

Post Date:07/14/2020

GM Corner July - August

It’s difficult to believe that we are now entering our fifth month living and working with the COVID-19 pandemic and its daily impacts. It has changed life in ways that were not previously imaginable. We are all focused on how to best protect and support our families, employees, customers, and communities in the face of this crisis. On behalf of SSWD’s Board of Directors and employees, I want to let you know that our thoughts are with those who are affected.

From the beginning, SSWD’s mission has always been to enable our customers to receive reliable, high quality water at all times. We have known that coronaviruses like COVID-19 pose no threat to water quality since chlorination, which is used to treat the water served by SSWD and throughout the state, is known to kill viruses.

Throughout the emergency, SSWD has continued our ongoing water quality testing to ensure your drinking water meets all federal and state water quality standards. The latest Consumer Confidence Report, which provides a detailed summary of results from testing during 2017-19, is available on our website at

One of the greatest threats to our operations is actually the health and safety of our employees. With this in mind, I established a COVID 19 Task Force charged with creating policies and procedures based on federal and state guidelines to protect  employees and their families.

I would like to recognize our dedicated staff, but in particular our frontline employees, who are in the field every day to ensure you have a safe and reliable water supply. Their commitment and discipline are critical at this time for maintaining business continuity.

It is in times of crisis that heroes emerge, and that is how I think of our employees.  We are asking them to give even more, to go that extra mile, and find those deep reservoirs of strength and determination. This is the moment in particular when we want SSWD’s values to shine forth, and have earnestly and humbly requested all of our staff to contribute to this. I fully recognize this is asking a lot, because we are all busy managing challenging personal and family situations at this time, but the effort makes a huge difference to the well being of so many.

Water is essential to daily life, and in moments like these, our purpose and values matter most to the people and community we serve.

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