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Board Declares Normal Water Supply Conditions

Post Date:04/21/2020 4:11 PM

Each year, in accordance with District Regulation No. 15,  the Board of Directors reviews the District's ability to meet customer demand based on available groundwater and surface water supplies.  Due to the efforts of District customers who continue to use water as efficiently as possible and the District's Conjunctive Use Program, on April 20, 2020, with the assistance of District staff, Sacramento Suburban Water District's Board of Directors declared Normal Water Supply Conditions as staff was able to demonstrate that the District has the ability to sustainably meet 100% of its customer demand with its groundwater resources. The Board of Directors also asked that customers voluntarily reduce their water use to save 10% when compared to 2013.

The goal of Normal Water Supply conditions is to use water as efficiently as possible without additional mandatory water use restrictions (i.e. mandatory watering days).  Customers that are willing to go conserve more water, can implement the recommend water use activities in Regulation No. 15, Normal Water Supply Conditions. 

District staff thanks and appreciates all customers who do their part to use water more efficiently.  If you would like to discuss your water use with one of our certified Water Conservation Technicians, please sign up for a virtual Water-Wise House Call. If you think you have a leak, please contact us for virtual Leak Investigation.