April 2019 GM Corner

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A bimonthly column written from SSWD General Manager Dan York on important issues and updates regarding various District matters.

April 2019

General Manager Dan York at his desk on the phone2019 has been a banner year for rain and snow fall in California. Sacramento recorded double the normal amount of rain in February, and for the first time since 2011, California is drought free in 93 percent of the state. This is a remarkable turnaround considering that just a few months ago nearly 80 percent of the state was still in drought conditions.

While this is great news, it’s also important to remember that droughts are a part of life in California, and the next one is just around the corner. That’s why SSWD is always planning ahead by expanding our access to a variety of water sources and promoting efficiency. 

Just like you have a rainy day fund, we’ve been working to create a “dry day fund” through conjunctive use, a method of coordinating the use of surface water and groundwater in order to protect both supplies. Our contracts with the City of Sacramento and Placer County Water Agency, and the historic agreement we signed at the end of last year with the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation allows us to access and use surface water during wet years like 2019. This helps our groundwater basin, from which we draw much of our water supply during dry years, to continue to replenish. 

One of the other ways SSWD plans for the future and protects our local water supply is by participating in organizations like the Sacramento Groundwater Authority, the Water Forum and the Regional Water Authority (RWA). I am honored to represent SSWD on RWA’s Executive Committee, which is comprised of 21 Sacramento-area water providers working together to protect our region’s water supply interests.

You as a customer are also making vital contributions to SSWD’s water supply reliability each and every day. Your efforts at using water efficiently have made a huge difference both during the drought and even now. SSWD customers used 20 percent less water in 2018 compared to 2013, and many of you have used our rebate program for water-efficient improvements.

We thank you for your continuing efforts to be efficient even during years with plenty of rain and snow like this one.

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