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The Administrative Office is located at 3701 Marconi Avenue, Suite 100, Sacramento, CA 95821, 1/4 mile east of Watt Avenue.

  • Business hours are 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday
  • Phone number is 916.972.7171
  • Emergency - During non-business hours call 916.972.7171 and the answering service will contact the on-call technician to assist you
  • Email or one of the individuals below.  A response will be sent within 48 hours
  • General questions, check out our Water Wonderline

Picture of Dan York

Dan York

General Manager
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  • District Operations

Heather Hernandez-Fort

Exec Assistant to the General Manager 
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  • Board Agendas & Meeting Materials
  • Public Records Act Requests

Mike Huot

Assistant General Manager

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  • Administrative Operations
  • Field Operations
  • Engineering Operations

 Jeff Ott-200

Jeff Ott

Finance Director
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  • Annual Financial Reports
  • Finances
  • Investments
  • Vendor Inquiries

 Cassie Crittenden-200-2020

Cassie Crittenden

Human Resources Coordinator
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  • Employment
  • Employee Benefits



Julie Nemitz

Customer Services Manager
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  • Customer Service
  • Billing
  • Community Outreach

 Picture of Dana Dean

Dana Dean, P.E.

Engineering Manager
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  • Capital Improvement Program
  • Planning and Water Resources

 Picture of Dave Morrow

Dave Morrow, P.E.

Senior Engineer
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  • Development Projects
  • Standard Specifications for Water Facilities Construction

David Espinosoa, P.E.

Senior Engineer

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  • Main Replacement Program
  • Distribution and Transmission Water Main Asset Management

 Picture of Rachel Middlestead

Rachel Middlestead

Engineering Project Coordinator
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  • Water Main Replacement Projects
  • Water Meter Retrofit Projects

 Picture of Wayne Scherffius

Wayne Scherffius

GIS Coordinator
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  • Mapping and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Data
  • Facility Location Information Inquiries
  • Drafting Standards

 Picture of Matt Underwood

Matt Underwood

Operations Manager
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  • Distribution
  • Field Services
  • Production
  • Security

 Picture of Todd Artrip

Todd Artrip

Distribution Superintendent
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  • Distribution System Maintenance & Repair
  • Meters 
  • Water Pressure

 Picture of Doug Cater

Doug Cater

Production Superintendent
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  • Water Production


 Picture of David Armand

David Armand

Environmental Compliance Supervisor
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  • Water Quality
  • Cross-Connection Control

Picture of Greg Bundesen

Greg Bundesen

Water Conservation Supervisor
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  • Water Conservation Program
  • Community Outreach