Antelope Transmission Pipeline (ATP) Leak

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Accidents/Incidents, happen and when they do, SSWD is prepared to act whenever and wherever they occur in our service area.

A recent incident provides a real-world example of this. 

This past July, a driver lost control of their vehicle while heading west on Antelope Road and crashed into an air release valve on SSWD’s major transmission pipeline causing the release of thousands of gallons of water per minute.  

The valve was enclosed in a steel housing behind the sidewalk and are protected by four-inch-diameter steel bollards filled with concrete, which tells you about the force of the accident. 

The pipeline is used by SSWD to move its surface water from Placer County Water Agency that is treated by San Juan Water District at its Sydney Peterson Treatment Plant into our service area. At the time of the accident, the pipeline was providing the primary source of water for our North Service Area (NSA). 

After the accident, SSWD’s On-Call Technician was at the scene in less than 30 minutes. The On-Call Technician quickly determined that the pipeline needed to be shut down in order to begin repair work.   

Our staff began carefully choreographing the operation of groundwater wells and valves to shut down the pipeline and switch to groundwater in order to keep water flowing to our customers in the NSA.  

The SSWD team on site worked through the night to excavate and replace the damaged valve, inspect the other valves and prepare to re-pressurize the pipeline. They collected water samples to make sure the water supply from the pipeline was continuing to meet required water quality standards. 

SSWD is proud of the deliberate and conscientious manner in which our staff responded to the incident to maintain the integrity of the water supply and ensure a continuous supply of clean and safe water throughout the NSA.

ATP PowerPoint presentation is available to view.