Spruce Up Your Sprinklers!!

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Spruce up your sprinklers this summer with these helpful tips!

Sacramento Suburban Water District is a proud partner of the EPA's WaterSense Program.   As a partner, SSWD would like to offer our customers tips on effective water use outdoors.  The EPA's Sprinkler Spruce Up Campaign provides effective tips for making positive changes to your sprinklers that will improve their performance, save water, and save some money.

Please review the Sprinkler Spruce Up Brochure for more tips.

There are four main aspects of sprucing up your sprinklers

  1. Inspect - Inspect for breaks and leaks. Breaks and leaks can be tricky in a sprinkler system  Many sprinkler systems run at night when no one is watching, so finding a leaks takes time.  Customers are encouraged to run and inspect each zone, one at a time, and look for pooling water, low pressure, and broken sprinkler heads.  The EPA provides a  checklist for customers to follow to help them inspect their sprinklers.
  2. Connect - Leak can occur in many different placing in a sprinkler system. Once common area are the connections between pipes, valves, or sprinkler heads. A cause of leaking connections could be excessive water pressure in the sprinkler system.  If you would like your system's pressure checked, you can sign up for a Water-Wise House Call.
  3. Direct - Have you ever been outside and notice a wet sidewalk or driveway after your sprinklers have run?  This is an indicator that your sprinklers are over-spraying and not spraying the intended landscape.  Make sure to adjust your sprinklers to ensure they are hitting the intended landscape and not any concrete or other hardscape areas.
  4. Select - Making the proper selection of sprinkler equipment is just as important as a sprinkler system set up.  Choosing a WaterSense Labeled Weather-Based Sprinkler Timer will ensure that your landscape is receiving the appropriate amount of water based on local weather conditions.  You can also select a certified landscape contractor who can review your system and provide you with recommendations for making your sprinkler system work in the most efficiency manor possible.

Please be sure to check out the EPA's Sprinkler Spruce Up website for more information.