Water Efficient Landscape Gardens

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Sacramento Suburban Water District offers a variety of water-efficient landscaping examples for our customers. Below are links to our various gardens containing information which highlight their unique individual attributes and how you can incorporate those attributes in your yard.

Visit these Water Efficient Landscape Gardens because fall is the perfect time of year to start a Water-Wise landscape. While spring often comes to mind as the ideal time for planting, actually fall is better.

In fall, the soil still holds summer's warmth, which encourages root growth, but the days are cooler so new plants don’t require as much water. Even if there’s a late heat wave, the stress on new plants is greatly reduced because days are shorter.

When spring rolls around, fall plantings will have established root systems, be ready to start their growth spurt and be better prepared for the heat of summer.

The Regional Water Authority has launched “Get Growing This Fall”, an educational campaign in partnership with a dozen local nurseries to make people aware that fall is the perfect time of year to create their low-water landscape. From September 22 (the first day of fall) to October 20, local nurseries will be reaching out to customers about the benefits of fall planting, as well as beautiful, low-water use plants and efficient irrigation equipment available at their locations.

Several nurseries will be hosting fall planting events, and others will be handing out tip sheets about planting, water-wise irrigation and rebates available from local water providers.

Some things to consider while you work on your low-water landscape:

Choose low-water use flowers, trees and shrubs that can thrive in Sacramento’s Mediterranean climate.

Group plants with similar water and sun needs in the same place and give them room to grow.

Add drip irrigation for your new trees, shrubs and flowers to have healthier plants and reduce water waste.

Replace older pop-up sprinklers with new high-efficiency rotary nozzles, which shoot multiple streams of water at a steady rate allowing for better absorption by the soil.

Create a custom watering plan for your yard using the Sacramento Region Smart Irrigation Scheduler on the BeWaterSmart website [LINK].