Water-Wise Information

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For the latest information regarding California's current drought conditions please visit the following websites:

Regional Water Authority - Gray Water Information Page - Interested in repurposing water from your clothes washer to your landscape plants?  The Regional Water Authority has information to help guide you through your decision on whether or not a gray water (drainage water from your clothes washer, showers, bath tube, and sinks) system is right for your home.    

Please note that if you decide to move forward with the installation of a gray water system you may be required, in accordance with the California Code of Regulations Title 17 and Sacramento Suburban Water District's Regulation No. 14, to install and maintain the appropriate backflow prevention assembly (at you own expense) on your water service to prevent unwanted backflow contamination.

Regional Water Authority, Be Water Smart Website - For information regarding the most current Sacramento Region water conservation program and incentives.

California State Water Resources Control Board  - For information regarding the State of California's current drought legislation.  

U.S. Drought Monitor - For information Regarding current U.S. drought conditions.

National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration - For information regarding current U.S. and California weather patterns and data including rain patters and snow pack totals.

Save Our Water - For information regarding the State of California's water conservation information.

Association of California Water Agencies - For information regarding other California water agency's.

Sacramento Tree Foundation - For information regarding the care of trees during the drought.

River Friendly Landscaping - There are 7 principles of River Friendly Landscaping.1. Landscape Locally; 2. Nurture the Soil; 3. Creating and Protecting Wildlife Habitat; 4. Landscaping for Less to the Landfill; 5. Conserving Water; 6. Conserving Energy; and, 7. Protecting Air and Water Quality.  If you are interested in transitioning your yard into a River Friendly landscape or what to see if your yard qualifies as a River Friendly Landscape, click on the link above for more information.  And remember, you can always sign up for a Water-Wise House Call to have your landscape evaluated by one of the District's certified Water Efficiency professionals.