Main Replacement Questions

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1. Will I be notified when construction begins on my street?

Yes. For each main replacement project, a notification letter is mailed to property owners and property managers (for apartment complexes) several months before the planned start of construction. Prior to start of construction, you will be contacted by a District representative to discuss the location of your new water service line and meter. Within 30 days of the start of construction, you will receive another letter in the mail with additional details. Contact information is provided in each letter. Prior to the completion of construction, a Customer Survey Card will be provided for each residence asking for comments on the construction process.

2. Will I be able to access my property during construction?

Yes. As with any construction project, you may be temporarily inconvenienced. There may be brief periods of time that access to your property may be limited. However, SSWD makes every effort to minimize the effects of a project in your neighborhood.

3. Will access to my backyard be required?

Yes. The existing water mains are primarily located in back and side-yard public utility easements. The replacement water mains will be located within the right-of-way of the paved streets in the front of homes and businesses. To switch water service from the old to new water main, access to your backyard will be required. When access to your back yard is necessary, you will be notified in advance.

4. Where will the new water service line connect to the house?

Prior to construction, a District representative will meet with each affected resident or property manager (for apartment complexes) to determine the best route of the new water service line. If an existing hose bib or faucet is available at the front of the house, this is the preferred connection point for the new water service line. If an existing hose bib is not available at the front of the house, the new water service line will be routed into the backyard to connect to the existing house service line.

5. Will water service to my house be interrupted at any time?

Yes. At various times during construction, water service to you and neighboring houses may be temporarily interrupted. If it becomes necessary to shut off the water to your house, you will be notified in advance. Typically water service is shut off at 9:00 am and restored no later than 4:30 pm on weekdays (not on holidays or weekends).

6. Where will the new water meter be located?

Because the installation of a new water service line is part of the main replacement project, a water meter will also be installed on your water service. Typically a water meter is located on a property near the street, behind the gutter or sidewalk and, if possible, close to a property line (within 3 feet).

7. Will the road be repaved?

A strip (or trench cap) of new temporary paving approximately 4 feet wide will be placed above the new water line when the street is trenched to install a new water main. This meets all County of Sacramento requirements for pavement repair/replacement on their streets. A temporary pavement, consisting of a softer asphalt mix, is initially placed above the water main installation trench in the street. Only after all of the new water mains for the project are pressure tested and disinfected is the final permanent pavement (trench cap) installed. This may be up to six months after the temporary pavement is installed, which is dependent on weather conditions.

8. If I have any problems with my water service, who do I call?

Contact information is provided with all main replacement project written communications. If you have any questions related to a main replacement project, contact David Espinoza, Senior Engineer, at 916.679.2886.