Water System Master Plan

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SSWD's Water System Master Plan (WSMP) has been updated and was adopted by the District’s Board of Directors at the March 2017 Board Meeting. A copy of the updated WSMP is available for any interested customers or others. [See links below.] The WSMP is a comprehensive assessment and description of the District's needs for water distribution, supply and treatment based on future population growth, land use, proposed water quality regulations, etc. One purpose of the WSMP was to update the water demand and supply analysis that was prepared for the District’s 2009 WSMP.

The second purpose was to present the District’s infrastructure vision for the future with a focus on the most critical infrastructure assets. Therefore, the WSMP update includes a recommended capital improvement program (CIP) and identifies the reinvestment priorities for the future. Information to shape policy decisions related to infrastructure and supply are also provided. The WSMP is an important document that will be used by District staff and board members into the future.