GPS Program

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Leica GPS DemonstrationWhat We Plan to Do

The District has implemented a Global Positioning System (GPS) program designed to improve our mapping system by more accurately identifying the location of assets within the distribution system.

How We Plan to Do It

Periodically, you may see our staff in your neighborhood collecting GPS coordinates for assets such as valves, meters and hydrants. Staff will be spending approximately 5 minutes at each property to acquire GPS coordinates.

We will be collecting GPS coordinates utilizing state-of-the-art GPS equipment that provides centimeter-grade accuracy.

What to Expect

No service interruption.


  • Improve customer service by efficiently locating and maintaining service connections
  • Ability to more readily locate assets and improve response time

How You Can Help

Please ensure that valve lids and/or meter box lids are accessible.

We continue to look forward to finding new and innovative ways that provide superior customer service.