2019 Water Rate Study

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Every five years, Sacramento Suburban Water District conducts a detailed review of its costs and the rates needed to support the delivery of safe, high-quality and reliable water service.

This process—called a Water Rate Study—is led by an independent, third-party financial expert and includes an in-depth look at the District’s current revenues, operation and maintenance costs, capital investment plan, and reserves (essentially the District’s savings account). The study also makes recommendations for any needed rate adjustments for the public’s review and consideration by the District’s Board of Directors.

The ultimate goal is to identify rates and connection fees that are fair, reflect the cost of providing service, encourage efficiency, are simple to understand, and meet the District’s revenue requirements, including bond obligations. The Study also provides customers with an opportunity to more fully understand the District’s costs and to have a voice in setting rates.

The District recently completed a Water Rate Study, which is now available.

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