Explanation of Water Rate Charges

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Service Charge
The Service Charge is allocated to pay the District's fixed operation and maintenance costs, such as building maintenance, utility bills, vehicle maintenance and water main repairs. The charge is based on the meter/connection size.

Usage Charge
The Usage Charge is used for District variable operation and maintenance costs, such as purchasing surface water, chemicals for water treatment and electricity for pumping groundwater.

Capital Facilities Charge
The Capital Facilities Charge is to fund pay-as-you-go financing of ongoing capital improvement projects. Also, for principal and interest on funds borrowed for past capital improvement projects (e.g. reservoirs, meter retrofit, well construction and rehabilitation, main replacements. The charge is based on the meter/connection size.

Multiple Unit Charge
A monthly charge on all flate rate multi-family accounts (e.f. duplex, triplex) is billed per additional dwelling unit.

Other Charges (if applicable)

  • Private Fire Service Charge - This charge is for a water service at un-metered connections to the District's water system that are equipped with a detector check assembly satisfactory to the District and the Deparment of Public Health (DPH) and which supplies water to privately-owned and maintained sprinklers used exclusively for firefighting, irrespective of the quantity of water used and based on the connection size of the fire service assembly.

  • Backflow Charge - This charge is to administer and monitor District's backflow program. Monies collected are used to notify customers of testing and retesting, compiling results and submitting results to DPH.