Water Quality

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We are committed to delivering a high quality, reliable supply of water to our customers. Should you have any questions or concerns about your water, please feel free to call the District at 916-972-7171, or email at feedback@sswd.org.

Backflow Prevention Assembly Test Entry Portal
Allows District approved testers to manage their backflow accounts.

Cross-Connection Control FAQ
SSWD protects the water system with a cross-connection control program.

Consumer Confidence Report
Learn what's in your water.

Public Health Goal Report
Read the report that compares our water with the EPA's Public Health Goals.

Lead and Copper Sampling Program
Learn more about the District's Lead and Copper Sampling Program.

Hard Water
Soap Scum, Spots and Hard Water

Fluoridated Water
Learn about the optimally fluoridated water in the District's South Service Area

How to Dispose of Unwanted Medications
Learn the proper way to dispose of unwanted medications.

Water Quality Questions
Learn the answers to the most common water quality questions.