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Start or Stop Water Service
Inform Customer Service of the purchase of your new home or the sale of your old home.

Customer Payment Portal
Log into the Customer Payment Portal to make payment, view bills, view usage, and much more.

Tenant Billing
Property owners may have a duplicate bill sent to tenants.

Change My Personal Information
Need to update your address, name, etc? Complete the form on this page.

Auto Payment Service
We offer recurring payment services using a checking account of credit card.

Billing Questions
Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Payment Options
Convenient payment options to pay your water bill.

Rebates available to customers.

Report Water Waste
Report water waste 24/7.

Speakers Bureau
Staff is available to present current water topics at your neighborhood association, civic organization, school or community group.

Water-Wise House Call
Learn how to use water more efficiently with a Water-Wise House Call.

Cross-Connection Control Program
SSWD protects the water system with a cross-connection control program.

Claim Form
Submit a Claim to SSWD.

Development Services
Information for developers, builders and property owners who wish to obtain or expand District water services for their projects.

Hydrant Flow Test
Obtain pressure (psi) and flow (gpm) results.

Construction Hydrant Meter Permit
Obtain a Metered Fire Hydrant Permit.

Additional Service on a Residential Duplex
Requirements and cost related to an additional water line.