Owner/Tenant Billing

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Owners who have rental properties can have a duplicate bill sent to their tenant. By completing the Owner/Tenant Billing Agreement both parties would receive a bill.  The tenant can pay SSWD directly.
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Owner/Tenant Billing Agreement

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This Owner/Tenant Billing Agreement ("Agreement") is made effective at Sacramento, California on the date of this agreement, by and between Sacramento Suburban Water District, a California public agency ("District"), and the above noted, legal owner, ("Landlord"), for the purpose of permitting the District to mail duplicate bills for water service to the tenant renting or leasing Landlord's property and to guarantee that Landlord will pay any water bills becoming delinquent due to non-payment by Landlord's tenant.


A.  Landlord is the owner of certain real property and improvements located at the above noted service address, Sacramento County, California, which is designated as Sacramento County.

B.  Landlord has established water service to the Property and requests that the District mail a duplicate water service bill to Landlord's tenant occupying the Property to permit the tenant to pay water bills and other fees and charges incurred on the property directly to the District.
C.  The District is willing to mail a duplicate bill to Landlord's tenant at the Property address and permit the tenant to pay water service bills, subject to Landlord's agreement to retain full and final financial responsibility for payment of water service fees and charges incurred on the Property on the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement.

D.  Landlord is willing to accept duplicate bill mailing service, to guarantee full and final payment of District water service fees and charges incurred on the Property and to pay all related charges for duplicate tenant billing on the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement.

By typing your name in the box below you acknowledge you are the legal owner of the property and consent to the terms of the agreement, including  payment of the duplicate bill mailing fee of $1 per month.


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